Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Being that the TX panhandle has been so dry and void of storms this year, it has been a very frustrating chase season, without a doubt. It's past mid April, and until today, I've only been on 3 chases, and one was a huge bust. With a bit of energy coming over the Northern TX Panhandle, and Td's in the upper 30's and lower 40's, a few thunderstorms were forecast for this region. They weren't going to be severe, but at this point, I didn't care! I just wanted to get out of the house and see something! The 4km WRF put a decent cell near Stratford by mid-day, and that's what I was banking on. Stratford, TX, here I come!

I left about 2:30 or so, and made it up to Stratford a little after 4. I saw a few towers to the W/NW, so I parked just north of town and watched for about an hour. A cell west of Stratford got going, and actually became severe when it reached Spearman. It was moving too fast for me to catch, so I resumed watching the storms to my NW. After a few minutes the storms showed somewhat of a base. They were moving SE, so I scooted south of Stratford on hwy 287. As was talking on the phone to John Harris, I noticed a quick forming mid level funnel, and I got a quick shot of it with the iphone. The funnel lasted no more than 30-40 seconds. The base became a bit more defined, and I took a few more pictures and called it a day.

Couldn't expect more on a day with such low expectations. I still love low risk days! They seem to like me a lot! Now to the photos:

PHOTO #1 Storm near Stratford that eventually became T-storm warned near Spearman, TX
PHOTO #2 Mid-level funnel on left side of updraft near Stratford, TX (iphone photo)
PHOTO #3 Updraft near Stratford a few minutes after mid-level funnel
PHOTO #4 Decent structure of T-storm base near Stratford, TX
PHOTO #5 Base beginning to dissipate, but still pretty decent structure near Stratford, TX


Dann Cianca said...

Beautiful LP!

Jason Boggs said...

Thank you Dann!